K4M Commerative DXpedition to Midway

This operation is a Commemorative DXpedition in that it combines a DXpedition and a commemoration of an event. 98 civilian contractors working for Morrison- Knutsen, lost their lives on the atoll in October 1943. The group has been named the “Forgotten 98″. Our operation, observing the 70th anniversary of their deaths, will be dedicated to keeping their memory alive and honoring their sacrifice.

Another goal of the Midway 2009 team was to ensure that those who are preserving Midway Atoll were left with a positive feeling toward ham radio. Our goal was to make more operations take place. This operation produced no problems for the local birds, and many positive comments were received while we were there. We are confident ham radio will again soon be heard from Midway Atoll.

Full details can be found at https://cdxc.org/k4m-midway-story-2009/ and https://www.m0oxo.com/2013/03/04/wake-island-commemorative-dxpedition-pedition/

Hams with Hearts – Helping Humanity through Ham Radio

Amateur radio has a golden opportunity to enhance lives in remote and disadvantaged places. This video explains how the resources and the needs have been brought together to improve lives with a low cost, high impact model and tax deductible contributions.

VP8DRC – DXpedition to the Falkland Islands

An Amateur Radio visit to the Falkland Islands, Jan. – Feb. 2016 by David Collingham – K3LP. Prior to and after the S. Sandwich Islands (VP8STI) and S. Georgia Islands (VP8SGI) DX-peditions, I had a chance to operate from the Falkland Islands using the issued call sign VP8DRC (Opr. David – K3LP). During this trip, I was able to visit Larry (VP8LP), Bob (VP8NO) and Mario (VP8ALJ) plus the Infant Junior School & Camp Education and Falkland Islands Community School.