Southwest Ohio DX Association

In Memorial of friends departed

(If you have a picture that you want associated with an SK please send it to me, kc8rp@arrl.net)

Leonard Malone Jr.    K8AQ            Charter member

Raymond Smith          KR8B             Charter member

Donny McNamara     N8CRB           Charter member

Paul Forgrave            K8ES               Charter member

‘Doc’ Hildebrand       W8EX               Charter member

John Hugentober        N8FU               Charter member

Dewey Bassett           W8GE              Charter member

Adrian Fallert             WB8GEW        Charter member

Leonard Clift              KK8I                Charter member

William Sullivan           WD8IDZ         Charter member

Bernie Welch               W8IMZ          Charter member

Stephen Miller            WD8IXE          Charter member

James Ringland            W8JIN            Charter member

Ron Pretekin                AB8K            Charter member            Passed away 8/21/2011

Theodore White           KB8LF          Charter member

William Grundhoefer    W8NDJ          Charter member

James Bolin                  KB8NN         Charter member

Frank Schwab              W8OK          Charter member

Roy Hearsum                W8PR           Charter member

Charles Frye                  KG8Q          Charter member

Larry Mosier                 W9SWM      Charter member

Chuck Clifton                W8TIV         Charter member

Jack Bender                   K8TUY       Charter member

Dick Lance                    KV8W         Charter member

John Furry                      WB8WZS   Charter member

William Burton                K8ZZO       Charter member

Joseph Phillips Jr.            K8QOE                                        Passed away 6/20/2009        ARRL section manager

Harry R. Burdick            K8MID                                          Passed away 8/23/2009

Scott Lehman                 N9AG                                            Passed away 7/19/2011

Mike Wren                    K8NW        Charter member          Passed away 9/17/2012

Scott Henninger            W8GS          Charter member          Passed away 8/2/2013

David Kalter                 KB8OCP                                         Passed away 11/18/2013

Kirk Swallow                W8QID                                            Passed away 3/6/2016